G114 Memories No.41: Len’s Memory in Mickey & Momo

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“Dance Wing No. 57” (published in November 2010) contains a recollection of Mr. Len Scrivener told by Michio & Motoko Kezuka (aka Mickey & Momo). It is interesting to me.



“Memories No.41: Len’s Memory in Mickey & Momo “

“Dance Wing No. 57” (published in November 2010) contains a recollection of Mr. Len Scrivener told by Michio & Motoko Kezuka (aka Mickey & Momo). It is interesting to me.


–Young dancers today will know Mr. Alex Moore’s name from the Alex Moore Cup, but may not know much about his achievements.


Mickey: Some dancers today don’t know anything about Len Scrivener. He was truly God of Dance. He completely changed the dance world in Japan in its infancy. My father (Mutsuo Kezuka) once told me that when he first met Mr. Scrivener at Haneda Airport, he looked like a professional wrestler. Then, in the first lesson, Nellie’s dress was short and her knees were fully visible under the skirt. At that time, long dresses were common in Japan, and it appeared to be sexy to see the kneecaps under the skirt. So my father together with Mr. Mimasu suspected that they were probably fake (laughs). Because at that time, they only studied ballroom dancing from books or literatures, they had never seen Mr. Scrivener before.



—Everything must have been a huge shock.


Mickey: That’s right. At that time, the outlines of Mr. Scrivener’s lectures were printed and circulated. I’m sure old people keep them. Mr. Scrivener’s brothers were all artists. He himself was a very artistic type, very good at writing. Once we were invited to his house then there was his desk on which he had written down his technical theories and ideas with a stylus for Mimeograph . Oh, I really wanted that desk as my treasure!


Momo: He wrote down whatever popped into his head on his desk.


Mickey: Mr. Scrivener’s Tango was superb. During one lesson when my brother Tetsuo, his partner Chieko, and Momo and I were there, Mr. Scrivener said, “This is how Tango should be like” and he picked Momo and danced Two Walks – Progressive Link and Closed Promenade. At that moment, all three of us got goose bumps (laughs). “What the hell has he danced!


The other day, the World Superstars (2010) was held and Andrew Sinkinson & Charlotte Jorgensen danced Tango just the same way as Mr. Scrivener did. It was outstanding. Today, (young) competitors suddenly start Tango with a variation and we can hardly see Walks ~ Progress Link in their dancing. Andrew & Charlotte Tango was the quintessence of English style. True art.


(Andrew & Charlotte from 2010 World Superstars)



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思い出 No.41: 毛塚道夫・雅子先生の中のスクリブナー氏



 ―― 今の人の中には、アレックスムーア杯を知っていても、その人の業績は知らないという人もいるでしょうね。




 ―― もの凄い衝撃だったでしょうね。