G082 Memories of Figure Names 9 – Big Top (English & Japanese)

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Since October 2011, I have been posting articles titled “Memories of Figure Names” on Facebook group “Ballroom & Latin Dancer Memory Lane”. I decided to leave those articles on this HP for record.
2011年10月からFacebookグループ”Ballroom & Latin Dancer Memory Lane”に「フィガー名の思い出」という記事を投稿しています。 これらの記事を記録のためにこのHPに残すことにしました。


“Memories of Figure Names No. 9 – Big Top”

It was in 2009, I think, when I was chatting with Mr. Richard Grieve, the great World Champion, in between video recordings, he told me that the Big Top was created in response to the Rumba Cross.

Indeed, in the Rumba Cross, Man rotates Right with his LF forward, and in the Big Top, Man rotates left with his RF forward. Both figures are still difficult for me to use, but at that time, I felt joy to have learnt something special.

The following year I bought a copy of “THE IRVINE LEGACY” (Oliver Wessel-Therhorn) and coincidentally found a sentence about the Big Top. It writes:-

“The figure called the Big Top was originally a reverse version of the Rumba Cross and so was its first name; the Reverse Rumba Cross.” (P112)

I think that this line, although very short, is Oliver’s wonderful Legacy to the history of the Big Top.




“Memories of Figure Names No. 9 – Big Top”




すると、偶然とは愉快なもので、翌年購入した「THE IRVINE LEGACY」にビッグ・トップに関する次の一文を見つけました。