G116 Memories No.43 “Mickey & Momo in Ballroom Dancing!”

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“Memories No.43 “Mickey & Momo in Ballroom Dancing!”

Photo pages from “Ballroom Dancing” (Alex Moore / Eighth edition 1974). This is my first dance book, but Mickey & Momo’s Latin photo in the Quickstep chapter was clearly out of place, even to my ignorant eyes of dance at the time. How did such a rudimentary mistake occurred? (Or, for those familiar with dance, is this not a mistake?)


Many years passed, and when I visited them for interview for “Dance Wing No. 57″ (published in November 2010), I took this book and showed their photo to them. They were very surprised to see it since they didn’t know about it at all. As the interview progressed, I become to think that ” This Latin picture was not an error, but Mr. Moore must have mischievously put it in.”  This my thought came from this part of the interview.



— Who comes first in your memory as a teacher in England?

Mickey: Mr. Alex Moore, that’s for sure. Mr. & Mrs. Shinoda went to England before us and, because they had lessons from Mr. Moore, we were also introduced to him via them.

—What was he like?

Momo: Handsome and a gentleman. He was very kind and looked after us empathetically like members of his family. He often gave us a ride to the competition venue, and when we were close to the venue, he pulled his car over and said, “Now you walk from here. After the competition, walk over here. I  will wait for you.” It was his kind consideration because he was a judge.



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思い出 No.43 “Ballroom Dancingの中の毛塚道夫・雅子先生”

「ボールルーム・ダンシング」(Alex Moore / Eighth edition 1974)から写真のページを紹介します。これは私の最初のダンスの本ですが、クイックステップの章に入っている道夫・雅子先生のラテンの写真は当時のダンスを知らなかった私の目にさえ明らかに場違いでした。一体、なぜこのような初歩的な間違いが起きたのでしょう? (それとも、ダンスに精通している人にとっては、これは間違いではないのでしょうか?)