G112 Memories: No.39  Don’t Call Slow Count Slow (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2023年1月10日

“Memories: No.39  Don’t Call Slow Count Slow”

When I danced Slow Foxtrot the other day, the length of (S) in Feather Step was close to (Q). OMG!  Then, this line from “Modern Ballroom Dancing” (by Victor Silvester) came to my mind.

”I have found with some pupils that even if they say ‘slow’ they are still inclined to take the step at the speed of a ‘quick’; it is a good idea for a beginner who has this fault to say ‘slowly’ instead of just ‘slow’; it takes him longer to say, and will thus slow him down a little.


So, when I danced saying “slowly” instead of “slow”, I was able to dance much better. How nice! 

I realised that even such a nice advice is of no use if not used.  Speaking of which, the “S” count  in my Rumba tends to get faster once in a while. I should apply Silvester’s advice here as well.


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「思い出: No.39 ”S”を”スロー”と言わない」










PS. 宜しければMA29 スロー・カウントの取り方も読んでみてください。ミルコ・ゴッゾーリが同じテクニックを使っていることを書いています。