G111 Memories: No.38  Mr. Moore in front of Zeeta Dance Studio (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2022年12月28日

The title “Memories of Figure Names” so far will be changed to “Memories” from this time.
これまでのタイトル “Memories of Figure Names”を今回から単なる”Memories”に改めます。


“Memories:  No.38  Mr. Moore in front of Zeeta Dance Studio”

Newspaper clipping from Mr. Moore’s belongings

…vast numbers of records and books and even clothes. Britain leads the world in this field,” said Mr. Moore. It seems that his only regret might be that his daughter does not share his love of dancing. “She’s 25 and married now but his just at the age when she might have become interested, the Beatles and disco dancing came along and that was that.”

The Russians once accused him of trying to corrupt Soviet youth with the evils of what the Americans call “touch dancing.” But he is now in the Communist Party’s good books. When disco cellars started getting popular with Russian teenagers in the 1960s, the authorities there realised that Mr. Moore’s methods were less decadent.



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思い出: No.38 Zeeta Dance Studio前のムーア氏


…膨大な数のレコードや本、さらには衣類まで。 英国はこの分野で世界をリードしています」とムーア氏は語りました。


ロシアはかつて、アメリカ人が「タッチダンス」と呼ぶそのダンスでソ連の若者を堕落させようとしているとして彼を非難したことがありますが、彼は現在、共産党の良い見本となっています。1960 年代にディスコがロシアの 10 代の若者に人気を博し始めたとき、当局はムーア氏の方法が退廃的ではないことに気付きました。