G105 Memories of Figure Names 32 – Back Corte w/o Turn (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2022年11月9日

“Memories of Figure Names No.32  Back Corte with No Turn”

In Ken Akrill’s book, he wrote,

“At one time it was popular to dance the Back Corte making no turn then to follow this with another Back Corte making the normal amount of turn to the left.”


When I read it, I thought, “No turn was an old-fashioned style and disappeared, but it’s interesting”. 

So I was happy when I found that foot pattern in “Self-Tutor of Ballroom Dancing” (by Santos Casani, translated by Jiro Takimoto, published 1930) as French Tango.


Now, let me introduce the contents written in the part of “French Tango Dancing Secrets and Characteristics“. Please note that this is a translation of Japanese context and could be different expression from its original English.

It is commonly called French Tango, but it was first started in Argentina, then spread to the United States and South America, and then imported to France. When Tango was introduced to France, it was welcomed with great enthusiasm.


At the times when Tango was imported into England there was no suitable music for it, and on the other hand the teachers taught each one different steps, causing the mismanagement that those who had learned from another teacher could not dance to each other. As a result, Tango became obsolete and its development was hampered. (hereafter omitted)”

I had the pleasure of learning how to dance the early Back Corte.


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「フィガー名の思い出32 回転しないバック・コルテ」