G110 Memories: No.37 Do Not Manufacture (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2022年12月20日

The title “Memories of Figure Names” so far will be changed to “Memories” from this time.
これまでのタイトル “Memories of Figure Names”を今回から単なる”Memories”に改めます。


“Memories: No.37 Do Not Manufacture”

Marcus’ story in the previous post was from “2006 Happy Training Italy” (DVD/Studio Himawari), but Len Armstrong told a similar and impressive story in “2008 Happy Training Italy” (DVD/Studio Himawari).

He asked Domen Krapetz & Monica Nigro to dance Feather Step – Reverse Turn – Three Step into Natural Turn.

At first, he instructed them not to stiffen their bodies, but to use their feet and legs to dance. Then he marked the starting and last places with his handkerchiefs.

For the second time, he instructed them to dance aggressively and competitively, like young people full of motivation. However, the result was not able to reach the same place as the first time. The effort of dancing with “all their strength with manufactured posture” on the second time didn’t lead to the distance.

Not only for competitors, but even more so for hobby dancers like my wife and I, I think this experiment is worth trying.



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思い出: No.37 頑張らない

前回投稿のマーカスの話は”2006 Happy Training Italy” (DVD/Studio Himawari)からでしたが、”2008 Happy Training Italy”(DVD/Studio Himawari)の中でレン・アームストロングが良く似た話をしていたのが印象的に残っています。(これは G019 質問13 大きく踊るには?でも書いた記事です)


氏はドーメン・クラペッツ&モニカ・ニグロ(Domen Krapetz & Monica Nigro)にフェザー・ステップ ~ リバース・ターン ~ スリー・ステップを踊ってもらいました。