G107 Memories of Figure Names 34 – Back Fishtail (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2022年11月22日

When I started ballroom dancing, I carried around a copy of “Popular Variation” and read it while commuting to and from work.


“Memories of Figure Names No.34  Back Fishtail”

When searching for new movements, it is natural to think, “Isn’t it interesting for Man to dance Lady’s steps?” I once wondered what it would be like for Man to dance Lady’s part of Double Reverse Spin. It was the time when I couldn’t dance even my part well so that I didn’t explore much. But decades later, I was pleased to find the fact that Mr. Bill Irvine also tried this.


Mr. Alex Moore left behind a book called “Popular Variations“. I would like to share from it the Back Fishtail. I think this figure would be interesting to use in today’s party and would be fun to watch, too.




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「フィガー名の思い出34 バック・フィッシュテイル」