G076 Memories of Figure Names 3 – Susie Q (English & Japanese)

投稿者: | 2022年4月29日

Since October 2011, I have been posting articles titled “Memories of Figure Names” on Facebook group “Ballroom & Latin Dancer Memory Lane”. I decided to leave those articles on this HP for record.
2011年10月からFacebookグループ”Ballroom & Latin Dancer Memory Lane”に「フィガー名の思い出」という記事を投稿しています。 これらの記事を記録のためにこのHPに残すことにしました。


“Memory of Figure Names (3) / Susie Q”

Ever since I started learning Salsa in 2001, I’ve always wanted to know the origin of the step name “Susie Q”.

In 2017, it turned out that the step name came from the song title “Doin’ the Susie Q”. Then, I came across with an obituary in The Salt Lake Tribune (September 21, 2008) . It is written that Susie Jane Dwyer died on the 17th, and the music “Doin’ the “Susie Q” was written for her. And there was her maiden name as well – “Quealy”!

I will never forget the joy of discovering the origin of “Susie Q”.

1. The attached photo is from the Obituary at that time.

2. Lil Hardin Armstrong –Doin’ The Suzie Q –1936



3. Obituary